Where a passion for cuckolding meets education

Explore the world of loving cuckolding relationships

Hi I’m Venus, host of The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast and founder of Venus Connections – a matchmaking service for loving cuckolding relationships. And now I’m thrilled to announce that Cuckolding Courses are available to you!

I’ve been passionate about cuckolding ever since I first learned about it several years ago and throughout that time I’ve been writing about my experiences and sharing my story on my blog and other podcasts. In 2020 I branched out and launched The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast which has quickly shot to the top charts globally and I’m very lucky to be one of the few who get to do something I love as my career!

A little later on the following year I created Venus Connections, which I believe might be the only service of it’s kind in the world. It’s a private matchmaking service for singles who are searching for their life partner for a loving cuckolding relationship.

Part of the Venus Connections program is a mandatory 3 week course for all candidates and it was writing those courses and lessons that made me realize just how needed this education really is! People who were not part of the program began asking for access to the courses and that’s why this site has been born – so that everyone can learn about loving cuckolding relationships, dating in the cuckolding lifestyle, and navigating the beautifully complex dynamics of cuckolding. Whether you are a couple, a single aspiring cuck or cuckoldress, or a bull or lover, these courses will help you to not just experience this beautiful lifestyle, but to THRIVE in it!